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The New Guy


Yeah, so, we got a new dog.

I know, I know. Homer passed away just two weeks ago, but I just couldn’t help myself. I really, really miss Homer. I was just so very sad without him. We had him cremated and his ashes arrived last Wednesday. I picked them up to move them to a shelf, and I started crying. Eventually we will plant Homer’s ashes with a tree when we buy a home, so Homer will always be with us.

On Saturday, I broke down crying at the idea of another dog eating out of Homer’s bowls. “Homer doesn’t want another dog eating out of his bowls,” I sobbed. I picked them up, washed him and put them away. I also couldn’t bring myself to wash his blankets, which we put in a bag and put in the closet. And, I just missed having a pet around so much. Pets are so wonderful, and they make me feel really at home. I’ve always had pets my entire life. I don’t know how to be without them, I guess.

So, here you go. Meet Toby.


He’s pretty cute, right? He’s a 2-year-old dachshund/jack russell mix (they think), and he’s got the softest fur ever and the most adorable ears. He’s as quiet as a mouse. He never barks. We couldn’t resist.

We adopted Toby from the Humane Society Silicon Valley. They picked him up from a kill shelter right before his time was about to run out. He’s been in two foster homes. He’s got a little heart murmur, which requires him to take a pill twice a day. Since he started the meds, the doctors can’t even hear the heart murmur anymore. He’s a bit of a medical miracle.

I guess a 2-year-old dog with a heart murmur is a deal breaker for some folks, but I think he is so deserving of a good home, and we’re a good home.


Toby: “The couch is my favorite place.” Sonia: “Me too!”

We met Toby on Sunday at his foster parent’s house in San Leandro. She works for the Humane Society, and she has two dogs of her own: a three-legged dog and a blind dog. I know, right? She takes such good care of them, and they are so cute and smart. She called them her “foster fails” because she was supposed to just be fostering them, but she just fell in love with them.

We took Toby for a walk to a nearby park to play fetch. It was love at first sight for me, and I think Toby really likes me, too. Mighty, mighty good boy Calvin was more interested in going down the slide, and mighty, mighty good man David was spending most of his time chasing around Calvin, but they really like him, too.

The foster parent could tell that we’re good people, and we adopted him right on the spot. I thanked her for taking such good care of him.

His shelter name was Bingo, but we wanted to give him a new name. Toby made the list because Sherlock Holmes had a dog named Toby, and David is a big Sherlock fan. Ultimately, we let Calvin decide. We gave him a few different names to choose from, and Calvin said, “Toby Doggy.” So, that’s how he got his name. Toby is also a “Thomas the Tank Engine” train, so Calvin likes that name.

Toby has been a little shy around the house, but he is starting to warm up. He’s getting playful. He’s been nervous around Calvin, and Calvin has been jealous of all the attention Toby has been getting. I’ve been giving Calvin treats to give to Toby, so I’m sure Toby will warm up to him in no time. And Calvin is starting to understand that Toby is here to stay; that he’s not just visiting.

It’s a big adjustment. We’re not used to a young dog that has energy. He requires walks, toys and all that stuff. Homer was sooo over that stuff for years. Toby isn’t quite house trained either, which sucks, but we’re working on that. He’s a smart guy. I think he will get with the program.

A new dog could never replace Homer in my heart. That’s a completely ridiculous thought. But having Toby around does make my heart feel a little better. He’s a rescue dog that really needs a good home, and we’re a good home that needs a dog. I feel like Toby and our family kinda need each other right now.






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