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Pajama Jammy Jam

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Yeah, so, my mighty, mighty good boy Calvin’s preschool had a pajama day today. Just in case you don’t know what that is, basically, all the kids wear their pajamas to school. It’s pretty obvious. GAWD.

Anyway, this morning, my mighty, mighty good man David got Calvin out of the pajamas he actually slept in and put him in a different pair, because we’re so fancy. He told Calvin that it was pajama day, and that for today only he could wear his pajamas to school.

Autistic people don’t really like change all that much. Change is a big deal, but Calvin is pretty laid back and a really good sport. Calvin seemed like he was on board with wearing pajamas to school, but right when they were getting ready to leave, Calvin ran into his room and came out with some pants.

“I want to wear pants. Calvin can’t wear pajamas to school,” he said.

We tried to explain that he could wear pajamas to school today if he wanted.

“I want to wear pants,” he replied. “I can’t wear pajamas to school.”

We tell him every day to get dressed so he can go to school. He just couldn’t understand. Why would you wear pajamas to school? It makes no sense. We didn’t make a big deal of it.

“That’s fine. Let’s put on pants,” we told him.

We put his pajamas in his cubby, just in case he changed his mind.


Check out the handsome gent in the back. Calvin isn’t into the pajama-ification of America – just like his mother.

When David went to pick him up from school, Calvin ran up to him and asked him if he would help him put on his pajamas. So, he did. Then Calvin walked up behind his teacher and tapped her on the back.

“I’m in my pajamas,” he said. And then he started dancing for her. He was really showing off his pajamas. He is such a funny, little guy.


Author: The Sonia Show

I'm a writer/podcaster/mother/goober in San Francisco who likes to drink beer, shop, laugh and make other people laugh, watch old movies, feed my unhealthy obsession with pop culture, kick breast cancer's ass, go on adventures with my mighty, mighty good man David and my awesome autistic son, Calvin, wear orange and root for the San Francisco Giants, participate in general jackass-ery, talk about TV, eavesdrop on strangers' conversations, make nerdy “Star Wars” and “Simpsons” references, and post personal things about myself on the web for all to read, which makes me some sort of literary exhibitionist.

One thought on “Pajama Jammy Jam

  1. Awwww, this is so sweet! He certainly is one of the sweetest little kid I know! ❤❤❤

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