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Calvin’s ‘Pet’ Project

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Yeah, so, my mighty, mighty good boy Calvin has discovered “The Secret Lives Of Pets.”

He thinks it’s hilarious. After just a few viewings he had already memorized huge chunks of dialogue, which he’s been re-enacting with Toby.

The movie isn’t my favorite of Calvin’s movies, but it’s fine. It’s got a really cute beginning, in which all the owners leave for the day, and you see what the pets do while they’re gone – you know, their secret lives, just like the title suggests. The end is cute, too, when all the owners come home and everyone is happy to see each other, set to one of my favorite songs of all-time, “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers.

But the middle of the movie is a big ol’ mess. It involves rejected pets, animal control, sewers, and a lot of hitting and kicking. Luckily for us, Calvin is pretty indifferent to the violence. He’s more interested in the pratfalls. He loves it whenever the cat spills food, because – duh – that shit is funny.

He also loves the wiener dog, which he calls Homer, even though that’s not his name. I picked up a few “Secret Lives Of Pets” toys for him, and he is quite taken with the wiener dog. He has been sleeping with him in his bed. It’s awwwwwdorable.

Calvin’s language has improved so much. There’s still some gibberish, especially when he gets excited about something, but I would say that a lot of what he says can be understood. He doesn’t sit around and talk about his feelings, but he will talk to you when he has something to say.

Whenever we ride in the car, he asks for a graham cracker. We’ve been doing that since he was a toddler. The other day, because it was almost dinner time, I thought I’d be sly and give him half a graham cracker.

“I want a cracker,” he said.

“You have a cracker,” I replied.

“This is a square cracker. I want a rectangle cracker,” he said.

How do you say no to that? I didn’t. He got a full cracker from me.

Here’s another talking story. Calvin has a favorite preschool teacher. He adores her, and she adores him. It’s really sweet. She told me that the other day she was cleaning up the classroom, and Calvin came up to her and said, “I love you, Miss Leanne. Come on. Let’s play.”

GAAAHHH! The cuteness!


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