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That’s cold

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Yeah, so, I caught a nasty cold. It’s really knocked me on my ass, and I’ve had to call into sick to work for two days to recover. I hate using my vacation days on a stupid cold, but I’m coughing so much, etc etc. You know the rest … it’s the same stupid fuckin’ cold we all get.

The only good thing about this cold is it gave me the opportunity to watch “Killing Eve” on Hulu, and – my friends! – “Killing Eve” is really great.

OK, there’s one other good thing about laying around on the couch all day. I get to hang out with these guys.

I need this cold to move along, because I’m traveling to Minnesota for work next week, and I don’t want to fly on a plane while sick. I also don’t want to stay in a hotel while sick. Also, I don’t want to be sick. I’m the biggest whiner when I have a cold, which is another reason for me to stay home. No one at work gets paid enough to listen to me bitch and whine about my cold. However, they do get paid enough to listen to me bitch and whine about everything else. I know. I know. I’m a fuckin’ joy to be around, and you wish you worked with me. I get it.

So, I have a theory about how I managed to catch this cold. Here’s actual footage of me after watching “St. Elmo’s Fire” for this week’s Dorking Out.

This episode of Dorking Out is the funniest one yet … if I don’t say so myself. “St. Elmo’s Fire” does not hold up. It’s filled with garbage people doing garbage things. So, if you want to hear two women rip up a movie, then you should definitely listen.





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