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‘Schitt’ happens

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Yeah, so, I’m thisclose to finally finishing “Schitt’s Creek.” I’ve got just a few episodes left, and I’m saving them. Saving … maybe stalling. I think I’m stalling.

“Schitt’s Creek” and “Ted Lasso” are so good, because the characters are good people. Both of the shows preach empathy but they’re not heavy handed. I love them the way I love “Parks and Recreation.” They’re all shows about good people that are trying to do the right thing. And they all have a deep bench of hilarious supporting characters. All of these shows renew my faith in humanity.

Anyway, I absolutely adore “Schitt’s Creek.” Shoutout of my best buddy John who has been recommending this show to me for years.

I love all the characters on “Schitt’s Creek,” and I could point to a million scenes that I love. But there are two that I always go back to. One makes me cry in a good way, and the other makes me laugh stupid hard.

I’ve gone back to the scene in which Stevie sings “Maybe This Time” so many times. She’s scared but she’s being brave. She’s been so closed off, but she’s ready to be open. I was Stevie. I was Stevie for years. I was watching everyone grow up and live their lives from the sidelines. Eventually, I opened myself up, grew up and I lived my life, too. It didn’t go the way I planned. (Does anything?) But I’m still living my life. With everything that is going on, I would be really justified in closing down. But I’m not. I’m open (and I don’t mean that in a gross way, weirdos). I’m ready. I’ll never close down again.

There are times when I’m sad and angry and so disappointed. I let myself feel that. The things that happened, they were beyond my control. There’s nothing I could’ve done differently. But I also know that I’m a fun, awesome badass. I don’t know if anyone laughs as much as I do. I make the best of every situation, and I have fun wherever I go. I can’t think of a better way to live my life.

OK, on the flip side, this scene makes me laugh out loud every single time to see it. I will never not laugh when David takes the computer.

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One thought on “‘Schitt’ happens

  1. I love your podcasts! It’s like listening to that one really cool friend who’ll always lift you up when everything else around you is burning to the ground. Thanks for that, especially since everything nowadays is, quite literally, burning to the ground . . .

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