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A royal affair

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Yeah, so, I went to a Bridgerton party because I’m so fancy.

I mean, come on. Don’t I look just like Penelope Featherington? Honestly, this dress isn’t that far from my usual toddler grandma style. A yellow and pink dress is pretty on-brand for me. I don’t normally wear a tiara, but I think I might start.

My friend Chelsea invited me, and her party was delightful. So much food, such nice people. Chelsea and her family went all out for the party. There was even a Lady Whistledown scandal sheet with the hot goss on all the guests.

I had no idea that there were so many vegan options in the Regency era.
Selfie by Chelsea

I’ll get my money’s worth out of this outfit because my sister Michelle and our honorary sister Amanda have tickets to the Bridgerton Experience in July. Did I say tickets? I meant VIP tickets because – as I mentioned – we’re so fancy.

Skaters gonna skate

In other news, I went rollerskating for the first time in forever. I finally got to break in my amazing rose gold skates.

I went to Church of 8 Wheels on a quiet Tuesday night with my office buddies. We practically had the place to ourselves, which was perfect because I was really afraid of falling and breaking a hip. I was pretty nervous when I got there, but Christina (a former roller derby girl!) gave me some good tips. It took me a while to warm up, but I eventually felt comfortable, and I didn’t fall once. #humblebrag

Yeah, I’m sweaty in this photo, so what? Roller skating is a workout, m’kay?

What a disaster

So, yeah, Calvin is super into disaster movies right now.

This all started when he was peeping over my shoulder while I watched “Independence Day” on my iPad during F This Movie’s F This Movie Fest. He was intrigued and asked if I’d put it on the TV. He looooved it. He asked if there were other movies like this.

“Ummm, YES!”

So far, we’ve watched “The Day After Tomorrow,” “Geostorm,” “Volcano,” “Jurassic Park,” and most recently (and my favorite) “Speed.” He discovered “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Geostorm” himself on YouTube. (Damn you, YouTube).

On our weekends together, we pop some popcorn and watch a disaster movie. This makes me so happy. I love watching movies. It’s one of my favorite things. If disaster movies are what gets Calvin into movies, then YAY!


If you have any disaster movie recommendations, the comments are open. I’m hesitant to show him movies such as “Twister” or “San Andreas” because they’re things that could really happen. San Francisco doesn’t get tornados, but they do exist. Right?! Tornados are real. I haven’t checked to see what Fox News claims. Earthquakes definitely happen in SF, and I don’t want Calvin (or myself 😂) having panic attacks worrying about earthquakes.

Take care of yourself

I know that everything feels terrible and scary right now. There’s been many mass shootings here in the U.S. over the past few weeks. It can feel overwhelming. When things like this happen, and sadly they happen too often in this country, I drunk dial my representatives and encourage them to push for gun control legislation. I donate to organizations that fight for what’s right such as Everytown for Gun Safety. And remember, be gentle with yourself. ♥️ It’s a lot, all of the time.

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