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Everybody Loves The Sonia Show

Everyone is talking about The Sonia Show!


“You look like a cute girl but you write more like an angry guy without a lot of education.” – commenter on “Open Letter To All The Single Ladies: Please Do Not Date Karl Rove


“Sonia seems like a nice gal but her “is it rude?” article reads like a bit like a teenager’s “whatever, you know?” phone call.” – commenter on SFist


“You are fat. And ugly. dummy” – commenter on “Skate Crimes


“This is irritating how this website has to make fun of The Kardashians. Really, Kim and Khloe And Courtney all do stuff that are very productive. Unlike the Sonia Show? What you sit on your computer all day, and make fun of celeberties. HAHA! You’re cool. Get a life.” – commenter on “Open Letter to the Kardashians


“My guess is Sonia has had a few (abortions) and is dealing heavily in cognitive dissonance. Or sadly may not be able to have children and has some kind of envy syndrome.” – commenter on a conservative news site about my Scoop article in The San Francisco Examiner about Michelle Duggar treating her vagina like a clown car


“You’re just an annoying twat yourself and I sob knowing that I’ve just wasted my time hearing what you’ve had to say about anything. Get off the internet.” – commenter who disagreed with me that “Breakfast at Tiffany’s is stupid.”


“If we are to keep our freedom we need a lot more assholes like Charlie Sheen. BTW, Sonia what have YOU done to expose the 9/11 conspiracy? Take cheap shots at Charlie Sheen (just following along with big media- they are now giving you permission to bad mouth him and, like the sheep you are, you are following along). That is SO brave. Charlie has risked everything for your freedom (and your silly blog).” –  Roger on “Seriously, you guys, Charlie Sheen is an asshole



6 thoughts on “Everybody Loves The Sonia Show

  1. Hilarious!!!

  2. Would you like to write a guest post or series on our hamburger magazine at It would be a good way to draw traffic to your Sonia Show.

  3. I also think Breatkfast at Tiffany’s is stupid. Soul sister!

  4. i’m a goofy gooba

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