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Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Yeah, so, our cat friend isn’t doing so well, and we’re worried.

We have a stray cat that has been coming around our house for a few months. We think she’s feral. She never lets us get close enough to pet her, but she will sniff our hands and meow at us. She’s been feeling pretty comfortable at our house. We keep bowls of food and water on our porch for her, and she will eat and then lounge on our porch in the sun. Also, we don’t know if our cat friend is a male or female, but we talk about her like she’s a girl.

If the bowls are empty, she will just sit on the porch and wait for us to notice. Usually, Toby or Kubo let us know she’s out there by hanging around the front door and sniffing.

Earlier this week, I heard a cat fight. It was dark, and I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear it. I was worried it was our cat friend. Then she didn’t come around for a few days. It’s not that unusual for her to not visit for a few days, but still, I was worried.

She finally showed up on Wednesday night. One of her front paws is swollen, and she is limping. I immediately ran back into the house to tell my mighty, mighty good man David, and he came out with food and water. We tried to get her to come close, and David tried to grab her. But, even though she’s injured, she’s still fast, and we couldn’t get her.

David called Animal Control, and by the time they came out, she was nowhere to be seen. That night, as we were getting ready to fall asleep, David said, “I shouldn’t have tried to grab her. I betrayed her trust.”

I love this man so much. I don’t know if I can adequately express how much it touches my heart, and how much it means to me, that he cares about animals. I grew up in a house of hunters. My parents have a room filled with mounted animals, which we call The Ego Room. My dad is like Gaston in “Beauty & The Beast,” and he uses antlers in all of his decorating.

I was always the odd girl out. I didn’t hunt. I felt protective of animals, and I was never comfortable with my family killing them. I still ate meat for most of my life, but I was never OK with it. I felt a lot of guilt when I ate, and not just because I was worried about gaining weight. This is probably why I took to veganism so easily.

So anyway, my point is … we’re worried about our cat friend. I feel confident she will come back. Toby and Calvin have chased her off before, and she’s always come back. But she wasn’t injured before. She wasn’t walking around with a catcher’s mitt for a paw. I know that if it goes untreated it will just get worse and worse. It will definitely get infected. And since she’s feral she hasn’t received any shots. If that swollen paw is the result of a bite from another cat, it could be she’s been infected with any number of awful, possibly fatal cat diseases.

We didn’t want to capture her. We were always fine just giving her food and water, and she was welcome to hang out at our place. But now that she is hurt, I think we need to get her some help. Poor thing.


This place is for the birds

Yeah, so, I’m a little obsessed with my bird feeder.

It’s kind of a secret, so don’t tell anyone. It’s just between us. Cool?

When we moved to Glen Park two years ago, my mother bought me a hummingbird feeder. So smitten by the sight of hummingbirds outside my kitchen window, I got a bird feeder, because – as everyone knows – a hummingbird feeder is just a gateway bird feeder.

The bird feeder is hanging outside our living room window, and I love to admire our view of San Francisco and watch the birds fight over food. It amuses me to no end. The Spawn digs it, too. Homer? Not so much, but the birds have gotten used to Homer. He barks, and they ignore him.

If the bird feeder is empty, I feel terrible, like the birds will starve without it, and I fill it up right away. Basically, the birds are my pets now. And we get a TON of birds – mainly finches and doves. Oh, and these birds are pigs. I fill up that bird feeder, and it’s empty the next day.

Sometimes there will be 15 to 20 birds outside our window, jockeying for position. It’s like a scene out of “The Birds” outside our window.

I debated getting another bird feeder, but David said that’s bordering on crazy bird lady territory. He said I could get a bird bath, so … FYI: My birthday is coming up, and bird bath, you guys.

So anyway, the other day, my mom was here babysitting Calvin. She said the birds were all gathered around the feeder, squabbling over the seed as usual and then – all of sudden – there was a mass exodus. They all flew away in one swoop. She looked out the window, and she saw this:


“Hey, where did everybody go?”

That’s a hawk, you guys!

I’ve seen him hanging out on the neighbor’s roof, but he’s never gotten so close before. Mad props to my mom for being able to snap a photo.

I guess the hawk has decided that our bird feeder is a great place to pick up chicks, and by “pick up chicks,” I mean, pick up our finches with his talons and a treat himself to a tasty morsel.

For the rest of day, the birds stayed away. I was a little worried they wouldn’t come back, but I guess our bird seed is really good, because they are back.


A bird at the feeder is worth three on the deck railing.

The line to eat at our bird feeder is starting to rival Flour + Water in San Francisco. I’m sure Michael Bauer from the Chronicle will be here soon to review it.

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Trail mix for dogs is a thing now. Oh good.

Yeah, so, trail mix for dogs is a thing now.


Of course, it’s not real trail mix. There’s no M&Ms in it, but still … Really? Someone at Milk Bone Corp. walked into a company brainstorming meeting and said, “You know what dogs need: Trail mix. Dogs have food and treats, but what if the dog just needs a snack?”

I was going to make a joke about Gatorade for dogs, but I had to Google it to make sure it doesn’t actually exist. There’s ice cream for dogs, so it’s not unfathomable that Dogorade exists. There is no official Gatorade for dogs. Get on that, Gatorade. Everyone knows that dogs have tons of disposable income. BUT, you can get flavored water for your pets. These bottles of water comes in such tasty flavors as toilet water, puddle water and hose water. Mmmm. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I kid. I just threw up in my trash can.

I bet a bottle of toilet water would go great with the doggy trail mix, though.