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Romney Shaming

Yeah, so, I went a little Mitt Romney rant yesterday on The Twitter, including:

  • Are we 100% sure that Mitt Romney isn’t another Sacha Baron Cohen character?
  • Mitt Romney is a real-life Twitter parody account.

But my good buddy Roger did it better with his awesome Romney Shaming.

Roger is the best, right?

I think Mitty Romney is completely clueless about this country. He thinks most people have a dancing horse in the Olympics. He is a selfish, rich asshole, who only cares about other selfish, rich assholes. I would call him a tool, but that would be an insult to tools, because tools are useful. Mitt Romney is a horrible person. Don’t believe me? Ask his dog, Seamus.

Also, I’m pretty sure he was in the Alpha Beta house in “Revenge of the Nerds.”