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Beach Talk

Yeah, so, we are back from our annual family trip to Santa Cruz.

In the past there was a big group of us, but this year it was just the three of us – just us MansTracys. The truth is we always end up doing our own thing anyway. My mighty, mighty good boy Calvin usually has his own autistic agenda, and it involves finding all the ceiling fans in the area. It definitely doesn’t involve going on roller coasters at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which is fine by me. I don’t want to ride that stuff, either.

We started our trip with a stop at the Roaring Camp Railroads to ride the steam train. If you have a kid who loves trains, this is a must-do. The steam train winds its way through a redwood forest and stops by Bear Mountain, where everyone can get out and do some exploring.

Come on, ride the train.

Two bumps on a log.

When in Santa Cruz we like to stay at the Dream Inn, because we’re so fuckin’ fancy. Actually, I’m pretty sure we’re the opposite of fancy, but we do love staying there. It’s right on the beach, and it’s got a heated swimming pool. Every morning we order room service for breakfast and eat on the balcony.


After breakfast, we usually walk the wharf, stopping into every shop and restaurant that has a ceiling fan. We usually tell the hostess, cashier, etc., what we’re doing and why. “He’s autistic, and he loves ceiling fans.” I realize that we don’t have to tell them, but I think it’s a good idea. This way, if another autistic person comes in, they will recognize it. Maybe it’s a silly thing to do, but I think it helps raise awareness.

We walked the wharf a few times a day, so all the employees in the shops and restaurants started to recognize us, and they always had a smile for Calvin. He’s really into naming shapes right now, so we walked the wharf and listed shapes: “square, circle, oval, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, star, arrow, heart.”

After we walked the wharf, we would go to the beach. We had a great time just playing in the waves and walking along the beach. During one trip to the beach, Calvin and I held hands and walked along the water until we ran out of beach. I got a little teary. The two of us have faced a lot of challenges in the past few years. Calvin received his autism diagnosis about the same time I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. But here we were, walking on the beach together – healthy and happy.

Beach boy.

After the beach, we would head to the pool. Calvin loves to be in the water, and he’s getting braver and braver. He’s been working on his dog paddle, which he calls “dog piddle.” The Dream Inn has a nice pool. It’s packed with families, and there’s a bar (beer!) and a taco stand.

Pool boys.

One afternoon, we were in the pool, and employees came around and told us that we needed to get out because they had to clean the pool. It turned out someone dropped a turd off at the pool.

“Hmm, maybe setting up a taco stand next to the swimming pool wasn’t the Dream Inn’s smartest decision,” I told David.

“Mr. Hanky decided to go for a swim, too,” David replied. “Howdy ho!

Some folks nearby overheard David, and they started cracking up and talking about Mr. Hanky. It wasn’t long until we could hear the Mr. Hanky impressions going around the pool.

So, yeah, that was pretty gross. And I was so, so, SO thankful our kid wasn’t responsible.

We did walk through the Beach Boardwalk one day, but Calvin didn’t like it. He thought it was too loud, which was a change from last year. He loved walking through the boardwalk last summer, looking at the lights and watching (but never riding) the rides.

This year, he was more interested in watching the boardwalk from the comfort of our room. He referred to the boardwalk as “hockey island.” “Hockey Island is too loud.” “Oh, Hockey Island is closed.” Pretty impressive “Inside Out” reference.

We also hit a few Santa Cruz breweries, including Seabright Brewery, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing and Humble Sea Brewing Company.  We got the Easy Money IPA and Blur IPA from Seabright. Very drinkable and perfect for the beach. I had the Devout Stout, because I’ve been drinking a lot of IPA lately, and I was ready for something dark. It was delicious, but the real winner was David’s Dread Brown Ale. We got a couple of growler-cans to go. On our way out of Santa Cruz, we stopped at Humble Sea. I got a stout based on Girl Scout thin mint cookies, and David got a northeast-style IPA, and both were pretty good. I was really impressed with all three places. They were terrific, comfortable spaces that were all dog and kid friendly. I’m always surprised by how kid-friendly other restaurants and breweries are outside of San Francisco. Other cities recognize that human beings have children, and that’s a part of life. San Francisco would prefer you get a sitter. Personally, I think some of the breweries in San Francisco could learn something from the ones in the East Bay and beyond. Children are a part of life. Get with the program.

So anyway, we had an awesome time on our trip, but it was nice to come home. We missed our animals. Toby spent the week with my mom. She told me that he really missed me, and he spent a lot of time staring longingly out the window. Our neighbor took care of Kubo for us. She said she’s not really a cat person, but Kubo has won her over. Kubo did the same thing with David. I think it’s her super power.

One of the smart things we planned with this vacation is we got back on Thursday, so we have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to recover. Most of the time, after a vacation, we feel like we need another vacation to recover from our vacation.

I’m so glad my double chin decided to photobomb our nice family pic.



Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Yeah, so, our cat friend isn’t doing so well, and we’re worried.

We have a stray cat that has been coming around our house for a few months. We think she’s feral. She never lets us get close enough to pet her, but she will sniff our hands and meow at us. She’s been feeling pretty comfortable at our house. We keep bowls of food and water on our porch for her, and she will eat and then lounge on our porch in the sun. Also, we don’t know if our cat friend is a male or female, but we talk about her like she’s a girl.

If the bowls are empty, she will just sit on the porch and wait for us to notice. Usually, Toby or Kubo let us know she’s out there by hanging around the front door and sniffing.

Earlier this week, I heard a cat fight. It was dark, and I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear it. I was worried it was our cat friend. Then she didn’t come around for a few days. It’s not that unusual for her to not visit for a few days, but still, I was worried.

She finally showed up on Wednesday night. One of her front paws is swollen, and she is limping. I immediately ran back into the house to tell my mighty, mighty good man David, and he came out with food and water. We tried to get her to come close, and David tried to grab her. But, even though she’s injured, she’s still fast, and we couldn’t get her.

David called Animal Control, and by the time they came out, she was nowhere to be seen. That night, as we were getting ready to fall asleep, David said, “I shouldn’t have tried to grab her. I betrayed her trust.”

I love this man so much. I don’t know if I can adequately express how much it touches my heart, and how much it means to me, that he cares about animals. I grew up in a house of hunters. My parents have a room filled with mounted animals, which we call The Ego Room. My dad is like Gaston in “Beauty & The Beast,” and he uses antlers in all of his decorating.

I was always the odd girl out. I didn’t hunt. I felt protective of animals, and I was never comfortable with my family killing them. I still ate meat for most of my life, but I was never OK with it. I felt a lot of guilt when I ate, and not just because I was worried about gaining weight. This is probably why I took to veganism so easily.

So anyway, my point is … we’re worried about our cat friend. I feel confident she will come back. Toby and Calvin have chased her off before, and she’s always come back. But she wasn’t injured before. She wasn’t walking around with a catcher’s mitt for a paw. I know that if it goes untreated it will just get worse and worse. It will definitely get infected. And since she’s feral she hasn’t received any shots. If that swollen paw is the result of a bite from another cat, it could be she’s been infected with any number of awful, possibly fatal cat diseases.

We didn’t want to capture her. We were always fine just giving her food and water, and she was welcome to hang out at our place. But now that she is hurt, I think we need to get her some help. Poor thing.

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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Yeah, so, it’s getting really crowded in our bed.

No, my mighty, mighty good man David and I haven’t become swingers … yet. Our kid and dog keeping getting in bed with us, and it’s starting to result in less-than-stellar sleep.

My mighty, mighty good boy Calvin usually gets out of his bed between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., and crawls into our bed. He goes right back to sleep. We realize that we should probably kick him out, but …. He’s so cute and snuggly. Also, he’s our only kid, and before we know it he will not want to snuggle with us anymore. That’s going to be so sad. We need to take our snuggles while we can get it.

The dog, Toby, starts the night in his bed on the floor in our room. But after we fall asleep in gets on our bed and slowly works his way to the head of the bed. He will get under the covers and rest his head on my pillow and spoon with me. Seriously. He thinks he’s people. We realize that we should probably kick him out, but …. He’s so cute and snuggly, too!

So now, most mornings we wake up and all four of us are in our queen-size bed: David, Calvin, Toby and me. It’s starting to get a little crammed, but we think we’ve come up with a solution.

We need to get a bigger bed.

Oh sure, we could set boundaries, but that shit is hard. We’re just going to get a bigger bed. Problem solved!




Spirited Away

Yeah, so, this is my favorite time of the year … usually.

I’m all about the colder weather from October through December. I get to wear my tights, boots, and scarves with my cute dresses. I get to wear my hats. I love snuggling under blankets on the couch with my mighty, mighty good man David and my mighty good boy Calvin, and the pets. I love that there are holiday lights everywhere, and people are usually nicer and feeling festive. I love vegan gingerbread lattes, mulled wine, holiday beer and big bowls of homemade soup with warm, crusty bread. I love spending more time with friends and family. Really, the only thing missing for me is baseball and it would be perfect, and I’d never want it to end.

For me, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But I’m finding it so difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year.


Instead, I’m still sad and angry. I’m pissed that we have Rapey Dorito as our incoming president, and his list of scary clowns that he wants to appoint to important positions. including white supremacists. The list is a who’s who of who scares me.

Rapey Dorito’s pick for Attorney General fights for separate and unequal education for children with special needs. Seriously. WTF?! The countries most vulnerable citizens will suffer, because 61 million people in this country are dummies. (I know it’s not OK to stereotype, but come on – people who voted for Trump are dummies). My autistic Calvin will be lucky enough to attend school in San Francisco, which will always offer equal educational opportunities to him, but other children in this country will not be so lucky, and it fills me with rage. Don’t even get me started on the other awful people he’s picking for his cabinet. It just makes me what to never stop yelling and crying.

My outspokenness has alienated some folks on Facebook. A few “friends” have unfriended me, mainly some college and high school friends, but also my own brother. I guess seeing a pro-Rapey Dorito Facebook feed is more important than keeping tabs on what I’m doing and seeing photos of Calvin and my pets. His loss. My photos of the pets and Calvin are really cute. However, I wish he had just hid me, because I liked seeing his photos.

I am continuing my pledge to donate a little bit from each paycheck to organizations that fight for what’s right. This time, I donated to the Organization for Autism Research and Planned Parenthood. Maybe I should donate to one of these organizations in my brother’s name as a Christmas gift? That shouldn’t make Christmas awkward at all.

So anyway, I’m hoping that when we get our Christmas tree and hang up our holiday lights, and start watching all our holiday favorites, I’ll start feeling in a festive mood.


How are you guys doing this holiday season? What do you do to get into the holiday spirit?

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Friday Cuteness

Yeah, so, would you like some super cuteness for Friday? I think our pets are in love.

Occasionally, Toby will chase Kubo around, and then Kubo will chase Toby. It’s playful. When Kubo has had enough (Toby has never had enough) she lets him know. But most of the time, they are snuggling together.



Come on, how fuckin’ cute is that? We got lucky with two rescue pets that really get along.

We’ve been working really hard on getting Toby house broken. He is such a smart dog, but he just wasn’t getting it. It was so frustrating. Toby doesn’t really bark at all, so we had no idea when he needed to go outside. We’ve stuck to a consistent schedule, and I think it’s finally starting to click. We will go a few days without an accident. They are getting fewer and far between.

Toby starts obedience training on Sunday. Correction, Toby and I start obedience training on Sunday. We’re taking a six-week course at the SFSPCA. It’s a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon, don’t you think? I’d like to think that Toby wouldn’t try to run away again, but I can’t be sure. Dog training is necessary. He needs to come when he is called.

My mighty, mighty good boy Calvin loves to play with the pets, too, but they don’t always play well together. Calvin and Toby love to chase each other through the house, but at some time Toby gets overly excited and tries to nip at Calvin. A few times, he’s actually got Calvin, which sucks. Calvin cries because it hurts, but he’s also confused. They were just playing and then Toby bit him. But it’s not a bite-bite, it’s a playful bite. But playful bites hurt, too. So, we’re having to keep a close eye when they play together right now. We went through the same thing with Homer. We know that eventually they will figure it out, but in the meantime, we have to stay alert to make sure they don’t hurt each other.

So anyway, happy Friday, you guys! And now, your moment of cuteness.


Holy Halloween, Batman!

Yeah, so, my mighty, mighty good boy Calvin isn’t really into Halloween.

If we ask him what he would like to dress up as for Halloween, we usually get the answer of “No, thank you.” We pitch him ideas and he just says no. That’s fine. People might say, “Well, autistic kids are just not into Halloween.” I don’t think that’s the case at all. I’m sure there are plenty of autistic kids and adults who love Halloween. The truth is, everyone is different; autistic or not. Some people are just not into Halloween.

Calvin isn’t anti-Halloween. If we pick out a costume, a simple one with no masks or crazy hats, he will wear it. He loves seeing other people in their costumes. And, he loves trick or treating. He’s not really interested in eating the candy, which is awesome. He just likes going from door to door and saying, “Trick or treat,” and then looking into people’s houses. Hey, I get it. I like being nosy and peeking into people’s houses, too.

Calvin will say, “Trick or treat,” and then he will comment on something in the house. “You’ve got a fan.” “Your TV is on.” “There’s a cat.” And he always says, “Thank you.” He’s very polite.

So, the good thing about Calvin not being into Halloween is we can pick whatever costume we want. A lot of people probably don’t know this about me, but I super love group costumes. Until Calvin becomes interested  in Halloween or starts actively protesting Halloween, I’ve got someone to do group costumes with. Win!

In the past, we’ve been Curious George, The Man in the Yellow Hat and a banana. We’ve also gone full-Star Trek. This year, we’re representing the DC Universe: Batman, Robin and Batgirl.





Robin & Catwoman

We will try to trick or treat tonight, weather permitting. After that, Calvin will go to bed, and my mighty, mighty good man David and I will open a few pumpkin beers (we’re big fans of Flying Dog’s Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale), and we will watch 1963’s “The Haunting” or maybe 1959’s “The Tingler,” starring Vincent Price. We’ve been on a Vincent Price trip lately. We’ve watched “House of Usher,” “Theater of Blood” and “Masque Of The Red Death.”

This weekend, we went to two Halloween parties. My sister and her family held their annual Halloween party. Michelle and her husband, Tony, dressed up as the Joker and Harley Quinn, without realizing that we were dressing up as Batman, Batgirl and Robin.


Before I wrap this post up, I’ve got a serious question for you: Who wore it better?


Happy Halloween, you guys!


The Worst Wedding Photo Ever Taken

Yeah, so, this might be the worst wedding photo ever taken. It’s certainly the worst photo of me ever taken.

Let me set the scene … A three years ago in August, one of my longest friends (we don’t say oldest) Amanda got married. My sister Michelle and I were bridesmaids. It was a Gatsby-themed wedding, so we had flapper-style dresses and headbands. It was so hot that day – like 100 degrees. I was so damn hot. I was sweating through my Spanx. After the lovely ceremony, the photographer herded us together for photos. She took a lot of photos.

“Stand here.”

“Put your hand there.”

“Sit on his lap.”

“Give him a kiss on the cheek.”

It just went on and on. I was so over it. We were all over it. We were all ready for a cool drink … a cool drink with booze.

“OK, everybody jump in the air.”

So we jumped, and this is what happened.


Everything about this photo is wrong.

First of all, why did the wedding photographer even send this photo to Amanda? This photo should have been deleted. You only send the good ones to the bride and groom – not this grotesque outtake.

Second, Michelle’s dress flew up and her underwear is showing. I’ve modified the photo to protect Michelle’s private parts from the internet. The groom, Brock, looks like he is hanging in mid-air. The bride is making a crazy face. The groomsmen look goofy. And then there’s me …

I don’t even know what to say about me in this photo. For some reason, I opted to not jump and instead decided to try to make it look like I’m jumping. Apparently, this is what I think someone jumping looks like.


It’s not even close. I don’t know why I didn’t just jump. It makes absolutely no sense that I would pose myself to make it look like I was jumping, and then stand like this, which does not look like I’m jumping. I think I’m standing on my tippy-toes so I look taller. WTF? “Sonia is obviously jumping. She looks an inch taller.”

Also, I wonder if Amanda and Brock noticed that I brought two guests to their wedding. I brought my husband David and my double chin.


And what the hell am I doing with my hand? My hand is deformed into some sort of hook hand. Is my hook hand supposed to make it look like I’m jumping? Did I think that’s what people do to their hands when they jump in the air? I have no logical explanation. “Sonia is obviously jumping. She’s an inch taller, and she’s got the hook hand.”


I have been holding on to this photo for three years. I have no idea why I waited so long to write about it. I think I was kinda intimidated by the idea of writing about it – like I wouldn’t do it justice. But the truth is I don’t need to say anything about this photo. It’s an epic wedding photo fail, and the photo is worth more than a thousand words.




The New Girl

Yeah, so, we got a cat.


Meet Kubo. She’s six months old, and yes, she is missing an eye. She’s named after the one-eyed boy in “Kubo And The Two Strings,” even though she’s a girl, because why not? We adopted her from the Silicon Valley Humane Society, which is the same place we adopted Toby. She got a nasty eye infection, which is how she lost her eye. Her original owners either didn’t want to pay for the surgery or couldn’t afford the surgery so they dropped her off at a shelter. Their loss is our gain. She was placed with a foster family for a few weeks, and they just adored her. The mother told us that if they didn’t have so many pets they would have kept her, and I believe her. She has texted me multiple photos and videos of Kubo’s time with them, and she’s very excited to see photos of her adjusting to her new home.

She’s a real sweetheart and fitting in well. My mighty, mighty good boy Calvin gets right in her face, and she doesn’t even care. She’s very social. She’s not one of those cats that shows up for food and then leaves. She adjusted quickly to her new home and has become fast friends with Toby.


It’s been a long time since I had a cat in my life. I forgot how funny they can be. She’s always pushing things off tables, playing with toys, and reaching out and putting her paws on you for no reason. Her second night in our house she curled up on Calvin’s bed for a while, and after he fell asleep she decided to lay down on his head and lick his face while he slept. David had to break it up.

Homer’s passing away has left a big hole in our family. He was a great dog and a loved member of our family. We still miss him terribly. He had a big personality, and I can say for certain that Homer would really hate the new kids. Ha! We kinda like ’em, though.

Today would have been Homer’s 15th birthday. We miss you, Homer.

David made this in honor of Homer's birthday.

David made this in honor of Homer’s birthday.





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Birthday Wrap Up

Yeah, so, my mighty, mighty good boy Calvin and I had a great birthday. Thanks for asking, you guys.

In the past, my mighty, mighty good man David and I took the day off from work, and we kept Calvin home from preschool and we did something fun. This year, we decided to send Calvin to school so he could have an afternoon cupcake party with his school buddies.

There are birthday parties at the preschool all the time, but the parents always bring in cupcakes made with egg, and since Calvin is allergic he can’t join in. Sometimes, the teachers give us a heads up and I bring in a special vegan cupcake for Calvin, or another special treat like popcorn. And sometimes the parents remember Calvin’s allergy and they bring in Oreos for him, which he loves, but they are no cupcakes.

This year instead of making 35 vegan cupcakes from scratch for the kids, I opted to use an egg replacer and made funfetti cupcakes from a box, because I’m busy and how dare you judge me! I don’t think they taste as good as my cupcakes, if I don’t say so myself, but they turned out great, and the kids were happy – especially Calvin. See?


On Saturday, we had a little barbecue at our place for both Calvin’s birthday and my birthday (because ME ME ME), and I made my cupcakes for that party, so you can back off, Judgey McJudgeinstein.

We had a little pre-party excitement in that Toby decided to make a run for it again. Bad dog. This time I was walking him down the front steps and he was startled by a loud noise and wiggled right out of his collar. You see, I had just slapped the leash on his collar instead of using his harness. That will never happen again.

So, 20 minutes before the party was supposed to start, our dog ran away. Awesome, right?

David was at the store getting ice, so Calvin and I chased him for a while but he’s super fast, and we couldn’t keep up. Eventually, David came home, and he tagged in, and Calvin and I went back to the house to await guests.

I was upset. “Where’s your new dog, Sonia?” they’d ask. “Oh, he ran away,” I’d have to say.

I started panicking. I mean, really panicking, like having a panic attack. I was hyperventilating. I was thinking about taking an Ativan, but instead I called my sister, because I knew she was on her way to the party. While I was on the phone with her, David walked through the door with Toby. With the help of some amazing neighbors, David was able to catch him before any of the guests had arrived.

I was so relieved. I started hugging David and crying. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” I cried. “He got away from me. I’m so sorry.” I was sobbing

Calvin came up to me. “Mommy’s crying,” and he hugged me.

After that, I opened a beer, and that seemed to help settle me down. Beer is awesome like that.


“I love to make Sonia cry. It’s my thing.”

The party was a big success … I think everyone had a good time. There was one other unfortunate event. My buddies Beegs and Sass’ little 2-year-old boy Levi got sick. He vomited a few times. Meh. Toddlers throw up, right? We were sure he was fine.

Well, it turns out that he had a nasty stomach flu. Beegs got it. Sass got it. My aunt Jeanne got it, and then I got it. What an unexpected party favor for everyone! Eh, what can you do? Kids get sick. It happens. It was a nasty flu. I feel bad that little Levi was that sick. Poor kid.

So, Sunday was my birthday, but luckily for me, this virus didn’t kick in until Monday morning. I’m so lucky, right?

Actually I do feel lucky. I had a good birthday. We took Toby to the dog park. Then we got back in time to watch the Giants beat the Dodgers and secure a spot in the Wild Card game, which they won on Wednesday, by the way, because even year, duh. Good buddy Kate came over to Calvin sit, and David and I went to dinner at a vegan sushi restaurant. Vegan sushi is a thing, and it’s awesome.



One of the sushi rolls in the restaurant listed “suspense” as an ingredient.

Me: “What does suspense taste like?”
Waitress: “Actually, this roll comes with a shot of sake, and one of the pieces has a super-hot spice in it. If you eat the spicy piece, you get to drink the sake shot. That’s the suspense.”
David: “If you really want suspense, you should hide meat in one of the pieces.”

I had a delicious dinner with my handsome husband, who bought me a dorktastic “Star Trek” necklace that I absolutely adore. Sure, the next morning I had a stomach flu that knocked me on my ass for two days, but I’ve been sicker.


Seriously, every day is like my birthday with these guys. I couldn’t be happier.




Little Runaway

Yeah, so, Toby ran away.

On Tuesday, I came home from work around 5:30 p.m., after hitting the store and picking up Calvin. I opened the front door, while juggling a few bags, my work laptop and my purse. After first, Toby was happy to see me. He was running around my ankles with his ears up, acting all happy. Then he bolted out the front door and down our two flights of stairs, and he was gone.

We ran out after him, but he was already out of sight. A neighbor said he saw Toby ran down the street toward busy Monterey Boulevard. Ugh! I ran down to Monterey screaming his name. David and Calvin took another block.

I ran back to the house, and we all hopped in the car. We drove to the nearby Sunnyside Conservatory. We just got Toby on Sunday, and during all the walks we’ve taken we’ve stopped at the Sunnyside Conservatory. He wasn’t there. We were asking everyone we saw. No luck.

Eventually, David and Calvin went back to the house, and I continued to drive around for two hours looking for him while sobbing uncontrollably. I truly lost my shit. I spoke with a lot of people, who were walking to or from the Glen Park Bart Station. I stopped every person I saw walking a dog to ask if they had seen Toby.

After two hours, I went home, feeling so sad. I was sobbing. “He must be so scared. It’s getting dark. He needs to take his heart medication. He doesn’t know how to find us.”

David went back out on foot to look for him, and I stayed home with Calvin. I made Calvin some dinner and got him in the bath. I left the front door open just in case by some miracle Toby came back. In a desperate attempt that it might help, I tweeted to Darth to please retweet Toby’s photo and details. He did, because he’s awesome. It must have been retweeted more than 100 times.


Then David called me. He spotted Toby at the Sunnyside Conservatory, but Toby ran away from him.  “I saw him. I’m on his trail. I’ll call you in a bit with an update.”

By now a bunch of Glen Park residents were trying to help David. They were pointing David in the right direction. Eventually, he tracked Toby near Glen Park Canyon, which is about a mile from our house. Toby ran out into the street, and almost got hit by a car right in front of David. Drivers pulled over and turned on their hazard lights. They tried to catch Toby, too.

David saw him again, but once again Toby ran away. He was just too fast. Eventually, it got so dark that finding him was getting too difficult, so David came home. Toby has a dog tag and he’s microchipped. We tried to remain positive that he would be found.

“I tried to find him for you,” he said.

“I thought he really liked it here,” I cried. “I guess he didn’t. Why did he run away?”

Then David put back on his hoodie and said, “I’m going to check the Conservatory one more time.”

He left, and I left the door open, just in case. I called good buddy Kate to tell her what happened, and then I heard a jingle – like a collar jingle.

I walked into the kitchen and Toby was standing there.

“OH MY GOD! HE’S HOME! HE CAME HOME!” I screamed, while slamming the door. “Kate, I have to call you back.”

I called David, and he rushed back.

We have no idea how he found his way home. He’s only lived with us since Sunday. We’ve only walked down Joost to Detroit and back, with a stop at the Conservatory. Toby was way down by Glen Park Canyon. He had to cross several busy streets in the dark to get back to our house, which is set back from the street and has two flights of stairs.

It’s a goddamn miracle that he found us. Toby isn’t all looks, you guys, he is obviously crazy smart, too.

David made a map of Toby’s approximate route, so you can see just how far he was away from our house.


We want to thank all the awesome, amazing Glen Park residents who took time out of their busy evening to try to help us track and catch Toby. Seriously, Glen Park people are the best people! We took Toby out for a walk on Wednesday, and several neighbors came out to say how happy they were that he came home. They also told us they’ve never seen a dog run so fast. And thank you to Darth, and all the folks on Twitter, who helped spread the word about our missing pup. And a very special thank you to my mighty, mighty good man David who ran all over Glen Park trying to catch Toby. Just another example of why I call him my mighty, mighty good man.

"Wake me when you're finished crying, Sonia."

“Wake me when you’re finished crying, Sonia.”

Maybe he is more bonded to us than we thought, or maybe while he was on the run we realized just how good he has it here. Or maybe he was just hungry. I have no idea how he found his way back, but I’m so glad he did.

Now, if you will excuse me, we have a baby gate to put up at the front door.