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Dorking Out Episode 47: Our Favorite Journalism Movies

Yeah, so, in this week’s episode of Dorking Out Smith and I talk about our favorite movies about journalism.

Why? We were inspired by the current trumpster fire that we call the White House. Great journalism is more important now than ever. And, as a pair of former reporters, we have a lot of thoughts and feelings about how reporters and the media are portrayed in film. While “All The President’s Men” and “Spotlight” are obvious examples of great, noble journalism movies, we tried to vary our picks to include comedies, too, which is how 1985’s “Just One Of The Guys” ended up on my list. How do I defend that pick? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out.

But before we get into nerdy journalism talk, Peter Brown from Assignment X stops by to talk about the 2016-17 TV season. Which TV shows got canceled? What were the surprise hits? We did some predictions at the start of the season, and we check back to see how we did.

You can listen to Dorking Out here, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube. If you listen to the show, I’d love to hear what you think. You can comment here, or on our website or Facebook page.


Everybody Has Pre-Existing Conditions

Yeah, so, I’m so ridiculously angry about the House vote for the American Health Care Act. So angry – like really, really angry.

Fuck these assholes.

It’s so fuckin’ gross I can hardly breathe. They were actually celebrating after they voted to strip away health care from more than 20 million Americans, including children and the elderly. Of course, they were celebrating by drinking Coors Light, so that’s kinda of a punishment if you ask me. Ewww. Coors Light.

As a two-time breast cancer survivor and mother of an autistic son, our health insurance is pretty fuckin’ important. But, according to these fuckin’ jokers, Calvin and I don’t deserve to have affordable health care due to our pre-existing conditions.


It’s not just big stuff like cancer and autism. Depression and anxiety are pre-existing conditions. Did you have a baby? Well, that’s a pre-existing condition. Victims of sexual assault or domestic violence? Sorry, that’s a pre-existing condition.

Are you planning on having a baby? Well, that will run you about $17,000, because insurance companies won’t have to offer that coverage in their insurance. Oh, and that price doesn’t include diapers, so good luck with that.

If you ever saw a doctor for anything, then you will most likely fall into the pre-existing condition group, so I hope you never got pink eye or broke a bone or got a STD or had to get stitches, but you’ll be fucked. Unless you’re rich, then you’re good to go.

Basically, any reason to charge you more, health insurance companies will get to do it under this bill, which will make health insurance too expensive for a lot of people.

Of course, no one wants to pay more for health insurance, so I’d like to think these dum-dums just voted themselves out of a job when the midterm elections come. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that happens. Here’s a way to donate to the campaigns of people running against the stupid jackasses who voted for this bullshit bill. Let’s get rid of these “people.” They have got to go.

I seriously hope the Senate rips this bill up. I’m going to try to be optimistic and hope that this bill won’t pass the Senate, but a lot of these politicians also couldn’t get reasonable gun regulations passed after someone went into a school and murdered 20 children, so I don’t have a lot of confidence in their abilities to do the right thing.

Do these morons actually think we will forget that they voted to take away health care from millions of our most vulnerable citizens? Guess what? We won’t. We won’t forget.

Me and my pre-existing condition.

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You Can Start The Impeachment Process Any Time Now

Yeah, so, we survived the first week of Predator Rapey Dorito’s administration. When the hell are they going to start the impeachment process? Are they waiting until after we’re shipped off to the camps?

Me reading the news every day.

Me reading the news every day.

So anyway, it’s Friday, so it’s time for some Friday Cuteness.

Here’s a cute, little game of cat and mouse.

Yes, we have a mouse that comes up on our deck and eats the bird seed that falls out of the feeder. I know, I know.




Have a good weekend, you guys. Stay strong. We’re going to get through this together.

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Paying It Forward

Yeah, so, I’ve been super ranty on Facebook, because I get pissed goddammit.

I wanted to share that I truly do put my money where my mouth is. For every angry political post I share on FB, I add $5 to my donations to organizations that fight for what’s right. If I feel like I’m spending too much, I can “work it off” by calling or writing my senators and representatives.

So, my next donation will be my usual amount plus an additional $75-$100, because I’ve been very angry the past two weeks. The Women’s March has got me all worked up. I have been making calls this week, and I just printed some postcards to send to my representatives so the amount might go down a little bit.

This only includes Facebook, because if I included my Twitter rants I would have no money for anything else, and a girl’s gotta eat … and drink beer.


Why I Marched

Yeah, so, on Saturday I marched with millions of other people all over the world to protest pretty much everything Predator Trump stands for.

I put on my Angry, Liberal, Feminist Killjoy shirt, my cat hat, my Pussies Against Trump stickers and carried my “A Woman’s Place Is In The Rebellion” (with photo of Princess Leia – of course) sign to San Francisco City Hall and marched with an estimated 100,000 other people who want to fight for what’s right. I met up with good buddy Kate, friend Emilee, sister Michelle, brother-in-law Tony and two teenage nieces, Lorelei and Olivia. The rest of my local peeps went to the Oakland march. And I’m so proud of my friends who were marching all over the country, including Ohio, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and New York. I am so lucky to know such amazing, awesome, smart people.




Why did I march?

I marched for my autistic son. I marched for my teenage nieces. I marched for my lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender friends and family. I marched for my Muslim friends. I marched for my African American friends. And yeah, I marched for myself and my pre-existing conditions. I marched because this country has elected a sexual predator who mocks people with disabilities. He is a garbage person, and I have no intention of being quiet about it. And thankfully, millions of other people think the same thing.

I am so happy I went to the march. For the first time since the election, I feel hopeful. All of those people, all over the world: We know this administration is not normal. It’s not OK. The misogyny, the racism, the ignorance, the lying: It’s unacceptable.

I avoided reading criticisms of the march, because they were all bullshit, whiny complaints by people who refuse to understand why people were marching. The people who marched are not “sore losers.” These are people who are going to be impacted by Predator Trump’s policies. They will be denied health care. They will be denied birth control. They will be denied the right to get married. They will be denied the right to an equal education. They will be denied equal pay for equal work. They will be denied clean drinking water. They could be deported for not being born here. They could be deported for practicing a non-Christian religion. These policies won’t “make America great again.” They are the exact opposite of what this country stands for. The idea that we should just accept it is ridiculous.

A woman I know commented on a photo from the march saying that all the women marching were “stupid.” I know, right? It was the most embarrassingly ignorant comment. I cannot, for the life of me, understand her thought process, or if there is even a thought process to understand. Let’s pretend for a second that she doesn’t care about health care, abortion, religion, etc. What woman doesn’t think that women should have equal rights? I’d argue that only a stupid woman would think that. Her lack of empathy is really sad, and I am so glad she is not my Facebook friend, because I don’t want to see ignorant shit like that. I’d reply, “Don’t worry, honey. We will do all the marching, protesting, letter writing and calling, and you just sit on your ignorant ass and enjoy the benefits of what we accomplish.” Ugh.

So anyway, I truly hope that everyone who march is following it up with action. I signed up on the Women’s March site for 10 Actions/100 Days, which has an action plan and emails you on how to do it. It’s rad. I also signed up for, which finds your closest swing district and makes it easy for you to volunteer, donate and work to turn that Republican seat into a Democrat seat. And, of course, I’m still donating to organizations that fight for what’s right, including the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and Planned Parenthood.

Let’s do this, you guys.



Yeah, so, I have gone from depressed to angry.

I saw some “Stop whining about our new president and accept it” Facebook statuses, and it really pissed me off.

A majority of this country did not vote for Trump, and if they think that we are all going to shrug and say “Oh well” while this fuckin’ clown deports 11 million people, strips LGBT rights, takes away a woman’s right to choose, bans people from entering this country based on religion and eliminates affordable health care for millions of Americans, then they don’t know what America is truly about. All of those actions are un-American.

I’m a 46-year-old straight white lady who lives in San Francisco. I will not be deported or have my rights to marry the person I love taken away. But I am a human being with a heart and soul, and I know that shit is wrong. These decisions affect my family, my friends and millions of people in this country – millions of Americans!

I’ve already donated money to the ACLU, and I plan to donate money to a lot of different organizations that fight for what’s right.

Regulators! Mount up! We need to rally and take back the congress in the midterm elections, and shut this shit down.


But, if I want to make it personal I can. Trump plans to repeal Obamacare, a law that currently bars insurers from excluding those with preexisting conditions. You know, people like ME and CALVIN, who depend on our health benefits. I’m a two-time breast cancer survivor. I have all kinds of meds and treatments. My son is autistic. He receives all kinds of services, too. We need our health benefits.

Not to mention, Trump has claimed that autism is linked to vaccines, which is NOT TRUE. Oh, and he makes fun of people with disabilities and special needs.

So yeah, this shit is personal.

Apparently, I’m an angry feminist killjoy. Well, they ain’t seen nothing yet.


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Not My President

Yeah, so, I just don’t know what to say. I’m shocked. I truly believed that people in this country would do the right thing, and vote for Hillary Clinton. Instead, they elected a monster.

They elected a lying, sexist, racist, homophobic, hypercritical, serial sexual-assaulting asshole.

So, let’s all say good-bye to affordable health care. It was nice while it lasted, gay marriage. So long, a woman’s right to choose.

Say hello to women being second-class citizens again, deporting people based on their religion, breaking up families, a shitty economy, sky-rocketing gas prices, and easy access to guns for felons and mentally ill.

This fuckin’ waste of space was endorsed by the KKK. We will now have a president who thinks it’s OK to mock people with disabilities and special needs, and to sexually assault women. I don’ t know how I’m going to tell my autistic son that this country elected a president that thinks it’s OK to make fun of him. Good job, America.


I’m so ashamed and embarrassed. I’m so worried for my gay friends and family. I’m so worried for my Muslim, African-American and Latino friends. I’m so worried for the millions of people who are going to be stripped of their health care.

I was going to write a blog post along the lines of “Well, we had a good run, America,” but I can’t bring myself to be flippant today. This election result wasn’t based the economy, jobs or Hillary’s emails. This election was based on hate and fear. It was based on racism, sexism and homophobia. People who say any different are lying to you and possibly to themselves.

What I always do when I feel helpless is I donate money. I can’t always donate my time, but I can donate money to organizations that fight for what’s right. I will be donating to Planned Parenthood, ACLU and a to-be-determined climate change organization. Also, I fully intend to give Donald Trump all the respect that Republicans gave President Obama throughout the past 8 years.

To all the good people in this country: You have one day to lick your wounds and feel sorry for yourself, and then tomorrow we go back to work and fight for what’s right.

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I think Rick Perry just came out

Yeah, so, Gov. Rick Perry was in San Francisco last night, where he really won over the crowd comparing being gay to being an alcoholic.

Smooth move, Rick Perry. I imagine he ended his speech with “I hope the Los Angeles Dodgers sweep the San Francisco Giants” before dropping the mic and saying, “Peace out, Frisco!”

Obviously, everyone freaked out, but I think everyone is misinterpreting the story. Here’s a quote from

“I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way,” he said.

Sounds to me like he just came out, you guys.

Or maybe he was joking. I mean, no one would really think being gay is the same thing as being an alcoholic, right? Only an idiot would think that, and Rick Perry isn’t an idiot. I mean, look at his smart glasses. Only smart people were glasses.

"I'm totally not dumb, you guys. I wear glasses and shit."

“I’m totally not dumb, you guys. I wear glasses and shit.”


Thumbs down, cancer

Yeah, so, Roger Ebert died.

He died of cancer. He was 70.

Roger Ebert was a hero of mine. Not only was he an amazing writer, but he was a good person. I have read several of his books, and I watched his show all the time back in the day. He introduced me to so many movies I might have never seen – classics, independent films.


Before I started writing content for a printing company, before I was a TV critic for a newspaper, before I was a neighborhood reporter, I wanted to be a movie critic.

I was pretty young when I decided that I wanted to be a writer. I think I was in the 7th or 8th grade when I asked for an electric typewriter so I could work on “my plays.” In high school, my desire to be a writer turned into a desire to be a movie critic like Roger Ebert, who I was reading in the paper and watching on TV. I was  really shy kid, but somehow I worked up the courage to write movie reviews for the high school paper. I remember correctly predicting that Edward James Olmos would get an Oscar nomination for “Stand and Deliver” and feeling really smart and cool.

Eventually, I reviewed movies for the San Francisco Independent and the Peninsula Independent newspapers. I wrote two movie reviews for The Examiner when I was a TV critic. They were vaguely TV-related movies: “From Justin to Kelly” (the “American Idol” movie) and “Jackass,” which I gave four stars, and I was told I wouldn’t be reviewing movies for the paper again. HA!

Throughout the years, I read Ebert’s reviews and his books.  I do believe that they had a strong influence on my writing.

There are a few people I can point to as heroes: my mom, my husband, George Carlin, Tina Fey, Bugs Bunny and Roger Ebert.

Thank you for everything, Mr. Ebert.

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Romney Beer: 47% of people won’t like it

Yeah, so, I went to BevMo today, because I needed to stock up on beer for the weekend, when I saw this:

I assume the Mitt Romney beer is nonalcoholic … and horribly gross … and tastes like lies.

Meanwhile, I suspect the Barack Obama beer is disappointing, but I would still rather drink that beer than the Romney beer.

Here are a few tagline for the Romney Beer:

  • Romney Beer: Because Coors Light isn’t douchey enough.
  • Romney Beer: 47% of people won’t like it.
  • Romney Beer: It won’t get you drunk.
  • Romney: The King of Sneers.
  • Romney: It’s conservative asshole for beer.