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Yeah, so, I’ve got a few things for your listening pleasure.
My mighty, mighty good man David and I are on this week’s Storied SF. You can listen to Part 1 here, and part 2 is riiiight here. In part 1, we talk about how we met and how we ended up in San Francisco. In part 2, we talk about my cancer battles, getting married and raising an autistic son in San Francisco.

Image from Storied SF and film photography by Michelle Kilfeather

We recorded at Barebottle Brewing, which is one of our favorite breweries in San Francisco, It was really fun to record. You should listen to it.
But wait, there’s more!
In honor of Valentine’s Day, Margo and I decide to talk about one of the greatest love stories of the 90s, “Point Break,” starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. If you think that’s an unusual choice for Valentine’s Day, you should really watch “Point Break” again.
You can listen to our “Point Break” episode of Dorking Out riiiiight here.

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Dorking out about Mister Rogers and summer movies

Yeah, so, there’s a couple of really good Dorking Out episodes you should listen to … if I don’t say so myself.

My mighty, mighty good man David and I dork out about the new documentary about Mister Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” We have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it. Spoiler alert! I sobbed repeatedly throughout the movie. It really is good for the soul. You should see it and then listen to us talk about it.

Another recent episode features the return of listener favorite Margo D. from Book vs. MovieThe Best Neighbors PodcastNot Fade Away and Fit Bottom Girls.

We talk about summer movies. I don’t mean movies coming out this summer. I mean, movies that remind us of summer. It was a really fun conversation because we got to explore what summer means to us. Plus, it’s always super fun talking to Margo.

If you’re expecting a movie list filled with obvious picks of “Jaws” and “Star Wars,” think again! We acknowledge those movies, but we made a rule that those movies could not be on our lists.

So many of my picks were because of my time working at the movie theater. Shout out to my people from Regency Cinemas in Pleasant Hill, Festival Cinemas in Walnut Creek and Chico Movies 10.

So anyway, they’re really good episodes, and you should listen. You can listen to us on our website, or you can find us on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlaySpotify and Stitcher.

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Dorking Out Episode 50: Wonder Woman!

Yeah, so, in this week’s episode of Dorking Out we review “Wonder Woman.” We brought in some reinforcements for this review; a couple of wonder women, if you will: Laura, Smith’s better half, and Margo D. from Book vs. Movie podcast.

We had a really fun discussion about the movie. Spoiler alert! We loved it, and it’s a total lovefest. I was surprisingly moved by the movie. I guess I needed a female superhero movie more than I knew.

In our second segment, Smith and I talk about the recent controversies surrounding comedians Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin. And then we end our show with what we’re dorking out about this week, which turned into shameless self promotion as Smith talked about his most recent Emmy win, and I announced that my other podcast, Old Movies, New Beer, has returned.

You read that right. Old Movies, New Beer is back, you guys! You should listen!

You can listen to Dorking Out here, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube. If you listen to the show, I’d love to hear what you think. You can comment here, or on our website or Facebook page.

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Dorking Out Episode 23: ‘Moana,’ ‘Allied’ and ‘The Walking Dead’

Yeah, so, in this week’s episode of Dorking Out we review the new Disney movie “Moana” with my mighty, mighty good man David and Juan Uriarte, host of the Instant Ramen podcast. Smith and I liked the movie more than David and Juan, so it’s a fun discussion.


David and Juan stick around for our second segment, in which we talk about the state of Disney animation and share our favorite and least favorite Disney animated movies.

In our third segment, Smith and I review “Allied,” which I think is about half a good movie. Then Juan returns for our favorite headlines segment, which includes length chat about the ratings decline of “The Walking Dead.”

You can listen to us here, or you can find us on iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube. If you listen to the show, I’d love to hear what you think. You can comment here, or on our website or Facebook page.

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Old Movies, New Beer podcast: Snow White

Yeah, so, mighty, mighty good man David and I finally go around to recording a new installment of “Old Movies, New Beer,” and this time we have a guest.

Oh la la. Our podcast is so fancy now. We have guests and shit.

One of my oldest friends, Chris Smith, is our first-ever guest, and we chat about Disney’s first full-length animated feature “Snow White.”


Smith and David are big Disney buffs, so there’s a lot of interesting discussion about the history of Disney and the creation of “Snow White.” We also have really fun discussion about what are favorite Disney movies are, and which Disney princesses are our favorites. Our choices will shock you!

I know I’ve been writing about a lot of podcasts here, and it’s about to get even worse, so consider yourself warned.

This episode of “Old Movies, New Beer” is just a taste of what listeners can expect from my new adventure in podcasting, “Dorking Out With Chris & Sonia,” which is launching really soon. It’s kind of a spinoff of “The Pop Show” podcast we do for Assignment X, but it’s a little bit more of a deeper dive on pop culture, entertainment and anything people like to dork out about. This podcast is not just about movies, TV shows and comic books. We all dork out about something whether it’s board games (ahem, David), craft beer, writing, music, vintage clothes or even sports. I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I think you will like it.

My apologies if the blog has been podcast heavy. None of this will affect your regularly scheduled The Sonia Show, I swear. I’ve been writing this blog for more than 13 years. I’ll still be writing about assy things here until the day I die, which will be a very, VERY long time from now – thank you very much. But, if you just can’t get enough of me – awww shucks – there’s even more of me to love. Wait, that came out wrong. Ugh. You know what I mean.


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The Pop Show Podcast #17: Batman V Superman

Yeah, so, Anthony is back for our discussion about “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which all the guys dutifully saw opening weekend so we could talk about it. However, I did not watch it because I’m an asshole. Also, it’s hard to work up the energy to line up a sitter and go a see movie that looks kinda shitty.

I’ll get my fix of superheroes fighting with “Captain America: Civil War” comes out in May.

Things discussed in this week’s podcast:

  • Anthony, who just wrapped filming on “Sharknado 4,” gives us some inside dirt, and reveals that he has named yet another character played by a Republican after me, because he is trolling me SO HARD.
  • Smith and Peter actually like “Batman v Superman,” so there’s that.
  • And even though I didn’t bother to see the movie, I still weigh in like my opinion means something.

You can listen to the podcast riiight here, and you can find us on iTunes riiight here.

Mighty, mighty good man David and I discuss the real “Batman” vs. “Superman” on our podcast at Old Movies, New Beer.


Oh, and one more thing: You can also this week’s Trailer Park column riiight here. I’m reviewing the trailer for “The LEGO Batman Movie” for obvious reasons.

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Old Movies, New Beer podcast: Batman v Superman, sort of

Yeah, so, because I just love listening to the sound of my own voice, I have another podcast to promote this week.

Mighty, mighty good man David and I are talking about “Batman v Superman,” Old Movies, New Beer-style. In other words, we watched 1966’s “Batman,” based on the Adam West TV series, and 1978’s “Superman: The Movie,” starring Christopher Reeve. Plus, we’re drinking Blood Orange Ale by Flying Dog. Get it? Flying Dog! So fuckin’ clever, right?


You should listen to our podcast, because:

  • What started as a discussion about “Batman” and “Superman” turned into a discussion about superhero movies – what we expect from them; which ones are our favorites; and other deep thoughts.
  • It’s fun
  • We get drunk

You can listen to the podcast on our website or find us on iTunes riiiight here.

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Old Movies, New Beer: Meet Me In St. Louis, Bathing Beauty and Deschutes Brewery

Yeah, so, my mighty, mighty good man David and I watched the glorified clip show that is “That’s Entertainment” Part 1 and Part 2, which got us interested in MGM musicals.

In our new episode of “Old Movies, New Beer,” we talk about “Meet Me In St. Louis” and “Bathing Beauty.” We also talk about some our favorite musicals.

We’re drinking Jubel 2015 from Deschutes Brewery, which is delicious and strong, so you know I’m say assy shit by the end of the podcast – as usual.

You can find the podcast riiiight here, or you can listen to us on iTunes. Cheers!


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Old Movies, New Beer: Christmas In Connecticut, White Christmas and Straffe Hendrik Quad

Yeah, so, I got drunk and said a bunch of assy shit on this week’s Old Movies, New Beer podcast again.

Are you guys listening? You should listen. Don’t you want to hear my voice? It’s so irritating sexy.


Check out our awesome Christmas village. It has a movie theater now. It’s totally rad, and not nerdy at all.

This week we chatted about holiday movies, specially “Christmas In Connecticut” and “White Christmas.” We were drinking one of my favorite beers, Straffe Hendrik Quad. It’s got a pretty high alcohol content: 11%.

And if that podcast puts you in the mood for other holiday movies, we talked about “The Bishop’s Wife” and “The Man Who Came To Dinner” as well as all “The Thin Man” movies (some of them are vaguely related to the holidays).



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Old Movies, New Beer: The Haunting, The Curse Of The Cat People and Firestone Walker’s Helldorado

Yeah, so, mighty, mighty good man David and I got drunk and talked about old movies again.

This time, we talked about “The Haunting” and “The Curse Of The Cat People” while sipping on Firestone Walker’s Helldorado, which is so good, you guys. It’s got a high alcohol content: 13.2%. Wheeee!


You can hear our sexy voices riiiight here. You can download our podcast in the iTunes store, too.