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Six years

Yeah, so, six years.

Six years ago, I met David. I’ve written a lot about all the things that happened (cancer, mastectomy, baby, roller bladers). In all seriousness, my life would suck without him. I’m super lucky to have such an amazing partner.

I wrote about our first date the next day on my blog. Of course, what I didn’t say in the blog post was how I knew immediately that I had found my mighty, mighty good man. I called my sister the next day, and I said, “This is the guy.”

OK, enough mushy stuff, I’ll just get the part that everyone likes: Then and now photos.

Then: December 2008.

Then: December 2008.

Now: October 2014

Now: October 2014

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Bed Again

Yeah, so, mighty, mighty good man David is in LA this week for work, so it’s been just me, The Kid and The Dog.


I know it looks like he is trying to eat Homer’s head, but he’s actually kissing him.

Here’s a few things that happen when David is away:

  • Calvin and I will have popcorn for dinner at least one night, because I’m a lazy terrible mother, and popcorn is delicious, and it makes everyone happy.
  • I will watch a documentary that is super depressing – probably something about how all the food I love is slowly killing me or about how our justice system is jacked up.
  • I won’t sleep very well, because I will convince myself that every noise I hear is someone breaking into the house to murder us, and they will never catch the guy who did it, because our justice system is jacked up.

So anyway, I need to update you guys on the bed transition, because I know you have been wondering about it. We got The Kid a twin-size bed, and he loves it. He is no longer sleeping on the floor. See?


The floor was pretty cool, but this bed is way better.

Are you wondering what that thing is next to him in the bed? That’s his mobile. It projects happy animals on to the ceiling and plays music or nature sounds. He has had it since he was a newborn, and he LOVES it. Seriously, it’s the best thing we bought for him. We ditched the mobile part very early on, and just used the projector. He has been looking at it for three years now, and he still loves it. When we switched to the bed, there is no way to hook it up so it would project onto the ceiling. It turns out it doesn’t matter. He sleeps next to it, and the happy animals are projected onto the wall next to him. He loves to get into bed and turn it on.

So, the transition to the new bed is complete. He doesn’t even try to leave his room. He just sits in the bed and reads. A few times I’ve heard him get up around 9 p.m. and turn on the light, and he reads his books. Later, he will get back up and turn the light off, and climb back into bed … you know, like a human being would do. He thinks he’s people. Cute.

So, yeah, I bought a new jacket a few weeks ago, but because San Francisco doesn’t do winter until July, I haven’t had a chance to wear it. Lucky for me, it is actually rainy and cold this week, so I finally got to bust it out.


Happiness is a new coat.

I didn’t really need a new coat, but I put this on, and I felt like it was made for me. I love it. Also, I had a Macy’s gift card, so it wasn’t like it really cost me anything. Thanks, Mom!


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Old Movies, New Beer: Flash Gordon and Green Flash Brewing

Yeah, so, the second installment of our podcast, “Old Movies, New Beer,” is up riiight here. We talk about “Flash Gordon” while drinking Le Freak from Green Flash Brewing.


Strangely, I had never seen “Flash Gordon” so I had some thoughts and feelings about it. Also, I sing on the podcast. Consider yourself warned.


It’s bedtime

Yeah, so, things have been going really great with The Kid. We have a little nice, little thing going, and our bedtime routine was dialed in to the point where mighty, mighty good man David and I had time to launch our much-discussed podcast (which you should listen to). So then I thought, “Hey. Let’s totally ruin that bedtime routine and switch our kid to a toddler bed.”

nelson-hahaOh, what a fool I was.

It used to be we would announce, “It’s story time,” and then we go into Calvin’s room and read the same three books over and over, and then he goes to bed. Ta-dah!

Now, we announce, “It’s story time,” and The Kid runs around in his room like a crazy person. He rejects all books and eventually we put him in his bed and turn off the light, and he cries for a while. When he’s done acting a fool, we go back in and tuck him in. Later, we go back in to check on him, and he’s sleeping on the floor, and we move him to the bed.

This is during naptime. We don't put him to bed in pants and T-shirts.

This is during nap time. We don’t put him to bed in pants and T-shirts.

And now we are no longer sleeping through the night, because there is a middle of the night wake-up call from Calvin via the baby monitor, in which we have to go in and put him back into bed.

It sucks.

We were spoiled before. We were living the dream. And we can’t go back. We can never go back!


He’s 3. It’s time for him to sleep in a bed. Last week, Calvin walked into our bedroom and took David’s pillow. I have no idea why. He took it like he was supposed to or something: “Hey, Dad said I could have his pillow.” And then he brought it into his room and put it in his crib. I took it as a sign that maybe he was ready to move into a bed.

Part of the problem may be that his toddler bed is too small for him. He’s a pretty tall kid. We have ordered him a twin-size bed, and I think that will help.

I know that toddlers don’t exactly thrive on change, so a new bed will take some getting used to. It hasn’t even been a week. On the bright side, he stays in his room, even when he is crying, even with the door cracked open. After he settles down, we can hear him in his room reading to himself or playing with his toys, but we don’t go in there and force him back to bed. When he was in a crib, we would often hear him reading or playing, so his bedroom is a giant crib now.

So, my dear readers, any advice on how to get The Kid sleep in a bed and not on the floor?





Did you have a nice trip?

Yeah, so, the other night I went shopping at Macy’s in Union Square, where I learned that jeans that are not from Old Navy are ridiculously expensive.

Me: “These are nice.”

Jeans: “I’m a $149.”

Me: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah!”

Seriously, though. I did find some great jeans that are not $149 at Macy’s, and they make me feel like a million bucks.

After shopping, I walked down to the BART station to head home. I was behind this couple who were pretty drunk. They were kinda stumbling into each other, and they were watching a video on his phone and laughing.

“They should be careful,” I thought. “They are going to trip.”

And then – BOOM! – I tripped.

I didn’t trip and look all amazing like Jennifer Lawrence did at the Academy Awards. I looked like this:

The drunk couple turned around: “OH MY GOD! Are you OK?”

Me: “I’m fine. Thank you.”

Them: “Are you sure?”

Me: “I’m embarrassed but fine. Thank you.”

Then about five more people approached me, “Are you OK?” I think I even heard an “Are you OK, ma’am?” which makes me feel even worse.

I hadn’t even had a drink, but they all thought I was drunk. Not drunk, just clumsy.

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The Old Movies, New Beer Podcast

Yeah, so, we are podcasters now.

For the past year, mighty, mighty good man David and I have been talking about recording a podcast, and we finally did it. Today we launched “Old Movies, New Beer,” in which we talk about old movies while we – you guessed it – drink beer.


In our inaugural podcast, we drink a Speakeasy Syndicate No. 2 and talk about “Cat People” and “The Uninvited.” Next time, we will be discussing “Flash Gordon.”

It’s a little rough around the edges, and we are still tinkering with the website, but we think the podcast is pretty OK. David has more experience recording podcasts. He used to record a podcast once a week at his old job. I, on the other hand, have never recorded a podcast. I did a few guest stints on the Ronn Owens program on KGO-810 AM when I was a TV critic, but that was more than 7 or 8 years ago. If you listen to the podcast, I’m sure you will be quickly notice that David is the pro, and I’m the complete spaz.

So anyway, you can follow “Old Movies, New Beer” on Twitter, like it on Bookface or you can just check back on the website at every other week for the latest installment. The podcast will be available on iTunes shortly. It is available on iTunes now. Wheeee!

And, you guys, please feel free to comment on the Old Movies, New Beer website and let us know what you think!




Exercising is hard, you guys

Yeah, so, I couldn’t make my usual yoga class on Sunday, so I checked out another yoga studio that is nearby.

The class description on the website said the room was heated to 80 degrees. I figured that was doable, because that’s not bikram yoga hot, which I did a few years ago, and I managed to survive.

So, it turns out this class was way more than 80 degrees. It was bikram hot. And, like I said, I hadn’t done bikram yoga in like five years. I was not mentally prepared for that kind of heat. About 20 minutes into the class I realized I was in a class that wasn’t really right for me. At 30 minutes, I was already struggling to keep up, and I was breathing hard and sweating like this guy. I was a wreck.


One other person in the class was struggling like me, and she was a 10-year old girl who was taking the class with her mother. She was struggling because she didn’t know what a Warrior One or Warrior Two pose is, stuff like that. I was struggling because I’m not in good shape anymore. Also, I’m lazy.

I debated rolling up my mat and sneaking out, but instead I decided to stick it out. I beat cancer. I pushed a baby out of my body without performance-enhancing drugs. I’ve defended myself against people who love Karl Rove and roller bladers. I can handle a stupid hot yoga class. I did what I could, and I got into downward-facing dog or child’s pose when I couldn’t keep up. I hadn’t attended a class like that in a long time, and I can’t expect to walk into a class like that and be super good at it. That’s like expecting to see a hilarious episode of “The Walking Dead.” It’s just not going to happen.

So anyway, that’s my super-exciting story for today. I know, right? My life is a roller coaster ride of routine, mediocrity and beer. Jealous?

And now, for something you’ll really like. Mighty, mighty good man David’s amazing drawings of rejected San Francisco Giants floats.



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The Kid Who Zoo Too Much

Yeah, so, we live three minutes from the San Francisco Zoo so we spend a lot of time there. It’s pretty cool that we can just pop into the zoo for a few hours and wear The Kid out, and then get home by nap time (for all of us).

Every visit, The Kid discovers his new favorite part of the zoo. This time, it was the petting zoo. He spent most of his time in the petting zoo marveling at the ducks, and by “marveling” I mean chasing them. Poor ducks. Eventually, he discovered the goats.


“I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart.”

After the petting zoo, we went to lunch where the seagulls are not totally scared of you.


Are you talking to me?

And then we went on the train, because – duh – train.


Come on, ride the train.

My brother-in-law Tony commented on this photo on BookFace, saying “I don’t think you’ve ever looked more like a mom than in this photo (it’s a compliment – you look great).” Umm, thanks?

So anyway, we’ve stopped bringing the stroller to the zoo (and most other places), because The Kid hardly rides in it anymore, and I spend all my time pushing an empty stroller. Of course, not having the stroller is super fun for mighty, mighty good man David.



There’s always money in the banana costume

Yeah, so, I know you – my tens of readers – were aching to know what the MansTracys dressed up as for Halloween.

As you may recall, we are fans of the group costume, because we are the type of people you love to hate. Last year, we were all Star Trek. This year, we went with Calvin’s current favorite TV show, “Breaking Bad”Curious George.” Calvin was Curious George, mighty, mighty good man David was The Man in the Yellow Hat, and I was a banana.



By the way, I didn’t put The Kid in a SF Giants hat just because the World Series Champions happened to be having their celebratory parade on Halloween. Putting the monkey ears on a baseball hat was the only way I could get The Kid to wear the monkey ears. And yes, I know, I’m a genius.


Go ahead and laugh at me for being a banana. I’ll wait.


That banana costume is the best, so go ahead and laugh it up, fuzzball. First of all, I can wear whatever the hell I want underneath it. Second, it makes me look like I’m amazing dancer when I hit the dance floor. And finally, I can wear it again and again. Next year I will be this guy:

And maybe the year after that I’ll be this guy:

There’s always money in the banana costume.

We figure this is probably the last year we can do the group costume. Next Halloween, The Kid will probably have thoughts and feelings about his Halloween costume. Also, this is probably the last year we can eat all his trick or treating candy. Sigh.



Yes. Yes. YES!

Yeah, so, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. NBD.


It was such a stressful game. But, man oh man, Madison Bumgarner is a damn stud. He’s the man, he’s the man, he’s the man. Amazing.

I don’t want brag, but I’m clearly a baseball genius. Where’s my ESPN show?


After the game, mighty, mighty good man David, Calvin and I went out onto our deck and watched all the illegal fireworks. Later, after Calvin went to bed, we listened to all the sirens, because people are the worst.

A more accurate headline would be “Stupid Assholes Ruin Everything.”

Stupid assholes pretending to be SF Giants fans decided that winning the World Series is a great opportunity to destroy MUNI buses, set fires, shoot people, vandalize local businesses and act like stupid assholes. Wheee.  Seriously, those people should be so ashamed of themselves. How embarrassing. Instead they are probably uploading photos of them acting like dicks to Facebook and tagging all photos, so their stupid asshole friends can like them. Ugh.

As a San Francisco Giants, I would like to state that real San Francisco Giants fans do not the destroy San Francisco after a victory.



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