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The hungry vegetarians

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Yeah, so, our office had a surprise baby shower for a coworker today. Office party = free lunch.

Well, the surprise was on office buddy Jennifer and I because, once again, there was no vegetarian option. They ordered Chinese food, and every dish had meat in it. The rice, the chow mein, everything. When I pointed out that everything had meat in it, I was directed to a dish called “fish balls.”

Well, first of all, fish is meat, but I can forgive them because, technically, I’m a pescaterian (a vegetarian who eats fish; also referred to as a half-ass vegetarian). But, fish balls? Really? I’ll pass.

Sadly, this happens at most of the work functions for me and Jennifer. At the work holiday party, the food consisted for a carving station. Great for the meat eaters, not so much for the vegetarians, who are forced to make sandwiches out of rolls and appetizer cheese.

It’s kinda ridiculous because Jennifer and I are not the only office vegetarians. The CEO is a vegetarian. You’d think a vegetarian option would be mandatory when the CEO is a vegetarian, but no, there he was eating the only rolls at the work holiday party, too, just like the rest of us rejects.

He didn’t even show up for the lunch today. He appeared just in time for cake. I’m sure he knew there wouldn’t be any food for him. Luckily, Jennifer and I keep emergency stashes of food in our cubes so we didn’t starve.

Also, the cake didn’t have meat in it … I think.


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